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Elettroimpianti is a company specialized in the realization of industrial automation systems, electrical panels and on-board systems for every production field.

We have been operating since 1979 in the dynamic entrepreneurial reality of the North East, looking at the partnership with local companies. Our qualities are thehigh reliability of the installed solutions and the efficient after-sales service, which lead to extraordinary results in terms of quality standards and customer satisfaction.

The close collaboration with the mechanical workshops allows us to know the customer's production dynamics, and to participate in all phases of the project with a large experience in every market field, for example wood, mechanics, food, cardboard, gold processing and aluminum extrusion.

We can solve any problem in the production process with customized solutions, studied and tested in the field, on any size of system, from small electric boards to large-format systems of over 100 meters.

Experience and Reliability since



Our mission is to provide electrical systems for industrial automation by offering knowledge and innovation, creating customized solutions and ensuring reliability and support.


Elettroimpianti wants to be the trusted supplier of its customers, offering quality solutions for the design and supply of electrical systems.

Our services

Full projects

When you contact Elettroimpianti you can rely on a specialist which is able to develop all the phases of an industrial automation system, using innovative solutions and problem-solving skills.

Single services

We can follow not only the complete project, but also single phases, looking after the design or the wiring phase, in collaboration with the manufacturing companies or with third party workshops.

Technical Services

Our great experience allows us to intervene on systems designed both by us or others, restarting them and making them productive.

From the early stages of the project, our company collaborates with the mechanical workshop to create a good and complete electro-mechanical solution, to best meet the specific needs of each customer.

Our PLC systems, before being delivered, are properly tested. They can be connected with mechanical parts, motors, or control equipment.

Today, thanks to our technical support and technology, the machines can be easily controlled remotely, allowing us to guarantee the final customer quick support services.

In our archive we keep all the wiring diagrams of our projects since the beginning of our activity. We can then intervene promptly to restore the correct functioning of even the oldest machines.

Work with us

We believe in the value of people and their time. We are looking for reliable, professional people with a desire to grow and improve.

Click here to see our open positions. Or apply spontaneously by writing to info@ei-automazioni.it


Our fields

Elettroimpianti has over 40 years of experience in the production of electrical systems for industrial automation.


Design and installation of PLC systems for the wood supply chain from the log to the finished product: handling movement and cutting of logs and boards, panel processing, furniture assembly.

Aluminum extrusion

Realization of PLCs involved in the production cycle of aluminum profiles: devices for the management of the presses, the cutting and handling of the profiles, the control of the treatment furnaces.

Mechanical processing

PLC systems for electrical equipment assemblers for both the automotive sector and for bicycle components (handlebars, luggage racks). Assemblers for household appliance switches, stoves, and cooking ovens.

Air conditioner

Programmable logic control for the rolling of conditioning units. The devices flare the coils of the air conditioners and give the required length.

Plastic extrusion

Programmable controllers to manage the polyurethane foam molding lines in the production process of cold rooms and counter doors for household appliances such as refrigerators and ovens.

Mechanical small parts

High-speed presses controller for the molding of small metal parts. Design collaborations with mechanical workshops to realise machines producing spring hinges for the metal stems of glasses.


Programmable controllers installed on numerical control machines for the production of brush components. In particular, for the handling, the assembly of the heads on the handle and the final fixing.


PLC systems for the food distribution sector. Realization of electrical systems on machines for packaging, weight, labeling, pricing of fruit and vegetable packages.


Production of electrical boards in automation systems for the manufacturing of metals such as copper, stainless steel and aluminum. The numerical control device bends 4-axis gutters.

Paper goods

Realization of PLC systems installed on cardboard processing machines, for handling of paper sheets, stamping, cutting, folding, gluing and packaging of boxes and cases.


The large experience in the many fields described allows us to easily deal with new types of industrial machines, of any size and complexity.


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